These Are The Weirdest Cartoons We Watched In The '90s

These Are The Weirdest Cartoons We Watched In The '90s

  Cartoons have always been a mixed bag of weird. Since the days of Looney Tunes, children around the world have agreed to suspend disbelief and watch as animals and anthropomorphic objects run around wreaking havoc on each other and the planet. But, if you were of cartoon-watching age in the '90s, you have to admit that we had it just a bit weirder than those who watched animated programs before us, and, possibly, after us. Sure, nowadays, cartoons are pretty strange. But, back in the '90s, censorship was a bit more lax and animators got away with a lot more than they can get away with today. Below are the weirdest cartoons that assaulted our ears and eyes in the '90s. People want to know why we're so messed up? Look no further for all the explanations you need.

Bump In The Night

The protagonist of this cartoon is a green monster with purple warts named Mr. Bumpy. He eats dust and crusty socks. He is friends with creepy toys that come to glorious life. Oh, and he lives under the damn bed which we were all afraid of to begin with! No thanks, Bump In The Night. No. Thanks.

Cow and Chicken

The very premise of this cartoon was bizarre. A cow and a chicken, named Cow and Chicken, are siblings. What!? Why are you doing this to us, television executives!? Cow also talks like he was developmentally stunted in his infancy. And Chicken talks like a mafia don or New York City cab driver. Oh, and they have human parents. If that's not enough, the DEVIL also makes regular cameos. But he's called the Red Guy. So he's not the devil, right? Wrong. Also, this show was full of gross, disgusting, physical humor. Lots of farts and burps! Bring it on, baby.

Ren and Stimpy

This cartoon was the undisputed king of weird and messed up. Storylines were almost non-existent. Ren, the angry dog, and Stimpy, the dumb cat, got themselves in all sorts of strange and bizarre situations. Eyes bugged out. Tongues ripped themselves out of mouths. Muddy Mudskipper was a thing that we still have nightmares about. Oh, and there were fake commercials for things like a giant log that you could roll down the stairs and over your neighbor's dog. Classic! Long live the '90s.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Let's not even tackle the show right away. Let's deal with the title. Are you kidding us? Random exclamation points and a strange spelling of "Aaahh" in a proper title? Why couldn't they just call the damn thing Real Monsters? Well, joke's on them. We kids did just call it "Real Monsters," because we weren't going to scream in the middle of class when we were talking about it. Now, the characters? A bunch of garbage-consuming, children-scaring creatures that looked like a squashed purple bunny-rat, a gothic candy cane with lips larger than her face, and a walking pair of armpits that had to hold his own eyeballs. Really? Yes. Really.

Rocco's Modern Life

Rocco is a wallaby who does not wear pants. His friend Heifer is a cow who only wears pants. Rocco's boss is Mr. Big Head, a fish that doesn't need to live in water (and also wears a full outfit). The show is still viewed as a cult hit, and most of its original creative team found their way to Spongebob Squarepants.

The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat

One might consider Felix the Cat to be a harmless, classic cartoon character. You would be very wrong! In the 90s, Felix was brought back from obscurity for a more edgy, strange, and bizarre show...because we 90's kids weren't already messed up in the head already. To mess with us more, the show kept its classic look of the old-fashioned cartoons. Thanks.


Say his name three times! Tim Burton's film starring Michael Keaton, weird though it was, does not hold a candle to the amount of weird that the creators of the follow-up cartoon series were able to muster up. Without having to depend on live-action video and visual effects, the people behind Beetlejuice were truly able to let their creativity and our nightmares run wild.


VeggieTales seems perfectly harmless and funny at first glance. Until you realize that it's trying to sell you Jesus and convert you to Christianity. Surprise! Fooled you! You thought you were watching funny, musical vegetables. Repent now before the "harvest" claims your eternal soul! Also, the animation was just awful. Come on, VeggieTales. How about a bit more budget!?

The Maxx

It had been a decade since kids in puffy shirts screamed "I Want My MTV!" Everyone now had MTV. So what was left to do? Well, get on the weird 90s cartoon bandwagon, of course! Enter The Maxx, a dark and twisted animated series based on the comic book series of the same name. The Maxx was either a normal guy who dreamed he was a superhero in another world, or a superhero in another world who dreamed he was a normal guy. He constantly zapped back and forth between two alternate universes while being chased by a possibly villainous man named Mr. Gone and a phalanx of animated shadow beasts known as The Isz. Again, don't ask us. We just watched the damn thing and paid the psychological price ever since.   (H/T: Mode, The Richest)

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