VIDEO: Enjoy Disney's The Lion King’s 360-Degree Circle of Life


For many decades, the Imagineers behind the scenes at Disney have dependably delivered us magic, spectacle and fantasy that brings our inner child back to life. 

And now they’ve done it once again.

The Daily Buzz

You’ve no doubt seen “Circle of Life” countless times, either in the classic animated film The Lion King, or live on Broadway, but we can guarantee you’ve never quite seen it like this.

With the magic and wonder of modern YouTube technology, Disney invites you to enjoy “Circle of Life” in full 360 degrees, and you’re in complete control of the camera. Take a look back stage! Get in line behind the galloping gazelles or watch the audience as they look on from their seats. It's entirely up to you.

Grab your mouse and give it a go!

The Daily Buzz
(H/T YouTube)