11 Sanctuary Cities And Counties Have Pledged Lawyers To All Immigrants Facing Deportation

11 Sanctuary Cities And Counties Have Pledged Lawyers To All Immigrants Facing Deportation


SAFE Cities Network Launches: 11 Communities United to Provide Public Defense to Immigrants Facing Deportation.

Immigration is a hot button issue constantly looming on the political landscape. Every side agrees they want a solution but no side seems to be able to come up with a way to reach the answer. 

Recently acclaimed filmmaker, Ava DuVernay,  shared a list of the cities and counties in America where immigrants can find peace from the threat of deportation on her Twitter. 

Ava was sharing information she learned from VERA. VERA is an equal rights group planted as the foundation fighting for the equality of ALL citizens.

The debate over sanctuary cities has been a rancorous issue with this administration and it's staunch followers. 

Members from 11 politically, economically, and ethnically diverse jurisdictions that are united in their commitment to the belief that, regardless of whether an immigrant will ultimately stay in the U.S. or leave, a crucial way to keep our communities safe is to ensure legal representation for those whose future depends on it.

Many don't know where to look for shelter, or assistance, especially if they are merely trying to build their American Dream without the help of loved ones. The cities need to be named loudly so citizens can build a life free of fear. 

Of course the public outing of the list was met with a myriad of responses. 

Many have been fighting to abolish the sanctuary cities while many others were disappointed some names were absent. 

Living in America is a promise made to all; the tired, the weary, the huddled masses. It says so on Lady Liberty.


And anyone trying to take on that battle better be prepared, especially in 11 particular cities. 

H/T :Twitter, VERA.org

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